Human Resources

Welcome to the HR page!

Please contact Eva Hamel if you have any questions.

Phone:  (207) 676-2234 x2     Fax:  (207) 676-3229     Email:

The electronic form is our official means of communicating job postings, new hires, internal transfers/changes and ending employment. Completed forms are emailed immediately.

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New Hire Form

Transfer / Change of Employment

Ending Employment

HR Printable Forms & Documents

Injury Report

Direct Deposit Form

Course Reimbursement Form and Explanation

Volunteer Release Form

Request for Payment

Mileage Reimbursement Log

Federal W4

Maine W-4

Pay Dates 2019-2020

School Year Calendar 2019-2020

Anthem Booklet 2019-2020

Anthem Enrollment Change Form

Delta Dental Benefits Overview 2019-2020

Northeast Delta Dental Enrollment Change Form

Helpful Links

403(b) Retirement Information

The Family Medical and Leave Act

Maine DOE Fingerprinting

Maine DOE Initial Credentialing


Onlife Health

Delta Dental

MEA Wellness Program


How do I change my address?  Email your request and new address to and your school secretary 

How do I change my direct deposit information?  Complete Direct Deposit form above and email to or interoffice to payroll

How do I change my federal or state tax withholding?  Complete Federal and/or Maine W-4 above and email to or interoffice to payroll

How do I change my name?  Contact HR once you have your driver’s license or social security card that has your new legal name