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Parent & Student Message – March 6, 2018

March 6, 2018

Good evening, Noble Students and Parents/Guardians,

Students sometimes make threats and inappropriate comments at school, and while we always take these threats and comments seriously, we are particularly sensitive to them in the wake of recent events. Unfortunately, we had one such threat today.

‚ÄčAnytime we learn of inappropriate comments or threats made by a student, we respond in the following way:

  1. We remove the student(s) who made the threat from school;
  2. We immediately notify the North Berwick Police Department;
  3. We immediately question all students involved;
  4. We contact the parents of the student who made the comment or threat;
  5. Criminal charges by the police department, if appropriate, are applied;
  6. We require a risk assessment;
  7. If the student is deemed to be at low or moderate threat risk, per the risk assessment, we develop a very strict and supportive reentry plan that may include daily searches and/or check-ins with counselors, social workers, law enforcement, and/or administration;
  8. If the student is deemed to be an ongoing threat to the school, per the risk assessment, we refer the student to the school board for an extended suspension or expulsion hearing.

We encourage any student, staff member, or parent who hears of a threat to communicate with teachers and/or the administration immediately. School safety continues to be our top priority and if we work together, we can continue to ensure the safety of all Noble High School students.


Joe Findlay


Noble High School