Minutes of March 14, 2019



A  meeting of the Board of Directors was held at Noble High School in North Berwick, Maine on March 14, 2019 at 6:30 pm, with all members present except Ms. Potter, Ms. Manley  and Ms. Hopper. There was 4 in the audience.


Mr. Doiron made the motion and it was seconded by Ms. Beal to go into executive session, amended to 405(6)B Readmission of Students. In at 6:35 pm. Out at 7:41 pm.


Ms. Beal made the motion and it was seconded by Ms. Schaeffer to readmit the student under consideration. All members voted in favor except Mr. Price and Ms. Mallett who opposed and the motion passed.


Ms. Manley and Ms. Hopper entered the meeting (but did not join the executive session) at 7:00 pm.


The Vice Chair addressed the audience regarding the norms of Public Input.


Public Input:  None at this time.


Mr. Price made the motion and it was seconded by Ms. Schaeffer to accept the minutes of March 7th as amended. All members voted in favor, except Mr. Doiron who abstained, and the motion passed.


Student Report:  

  • There was a potluck supper tonight in support of the Berwick Fire Victims and the Captain Barnes

Memorial Fund. Over $1100 was raised.

  • State music festival is in South Portland and there are 11 students participating from Noble.
  • The final all school dance of the year is this Friday evening.
  • Student Council is organizing a 3 on 3 basketball tournament.
  • Spanish Honor Society will be hosting a cultural dinner night in the future but will be practicing their

cooking skills this Tuesday!

  • Comedian Eric O’shea is coming March 23 to the Hussey Theater
  • World down syndrome day is March 21
  • Sports season starts on the 25th of March


Mr. Chris Russo, Technology Director shared with the board a presentation on Lexia Core 5 and

the use of ipads in K and 1st grade.  


There is concern about excessive screen time for kids in kindergarten and first grade.  There are

also questions about whether or not 1:1 technology will actually allow teachers to have enough time for direct teaching of students.

Ms. Beal stated that this could really help to streamline the special education process in terms of

allowing quick access to strengths and weaknesses.  There was a question regarding how much

training is being offered to the teachers.  Mr. Russo noted that they are currently working with the pilot teachers to learn the needs and develop the PD for staff.


The Superintendent then shared with the board some handouts regarding the budget.  He shared one on a breakdown of MHA costs and savings for the district, one regarding the budget decision process in general and asked the board to consider charging him a percentage that they can support versus not particular items that might want to take out. He asked that they allow the administrative team to gather and determine what costs will be reduced in order to meet the percent goal.  The board had concerns in regard to this process as they want to be able to understand completely the items put forward so that they can defend them comfortably when talking with their constituents. The Superintendent was charged with being prepared to defend potential cuts the board may select.


The board discussed the social emotional learning piece and whether or not we should be providing that level of support for our students. There is a mixed feeling about the needs of the students and whose responsibility that may be (the parent or the school).




Mr Price made the motion and it was seconded by Mr. Doiron to accept the letter of resignation of Ms. Missy Hafenacker, a science teacher at Noble Middle School, effective immediately. All members voted in favor and them motion passed.


Mr. Price made the motion and it was seconded by Mr. Doriorn to accept the letter of resignation of Ms. Laura McPherson a science teacher at Noble High School, effective June 30th, 2019.  All members voted in favor and the motion passed.




The Superintendent shared the Superintendent’s Good News as well as the Tri-town Book Mobile information.


Ms. Beal noted that Odyssey of the Mind regionals will be held in Biddeford this weekend.


Mr. Price shared a huge thank you for MSAD 60 for providing the buses up to Captain Barnes funeral on Sunday. He noted that the driver, Steve Chessie, really made it a positive event for the students.


Mr. Price also noted that this would be his last few months on the school board and is encouraging others to apply.


Public Input #2: None at this time  



Mr. Price  made the motion and it was seconded by Ms. Beal  to adjourn. All members voted in favor and the motion passed.


Adjourned at 10:06 pm.


Respectfully Submitted,

Steve Connolly

Secretary of the Board