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Minutes from December 18, 2014

                      MINUTES OF THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS’ MEETING of December 18, 2014.

A regular meeting of the Board of Directors was held at Noble High School in North Berwick, Maine on December 18, 2014 at 7:00 pm with all members present except Mr. McCabe, Ms. Manley, and Mr. Cowan.  The student representatives were absent as was the press. There were 16 in the audience.

Mr. Price made the motion and it was seconded by Ms. Potter to go into executive session for the discipline of a student pursuant to 1 MRSA 405 (6)(B).  All members voted in favor and the motion passed.  In at 7:05 pm. Out at 7:32 pm.

Mr. Price made the motion and it was seconded by Ms. Potter that the student under consideration be suspended for the necessary time in order to complete the psychological evaluation and the superintendent give the student and the student’s parents written notice of the Board’s findings and conclusions.  All members voted in favor and the motion passed.

Ms. Potter made the motion and it was seconded by Ms. Olean to approve the minutes of Dec. 4, 2014.  All members voted in favor except Ms. Alwin, who abstained, and the motion past.
Public Input:  

Jordan Whitehouse and Elijah Norton, students at Noble High School, asked the board about whether or not the seniors will be allowed to have a toga day at NHS in the spring. The board shared that the administrative team at the HS would make this determination based on senior student behavior.

Ms. Rossana Pass, Spanish Teacher at Noble High School, shared with the board a proposal for an exchange program with Spain in the spring of 2016. The exchange would begin with students from Spain here during Fall Semester of 2015.   The students would stay with host families for ten days.

Mr. Price moved to support the Spanish exchange program moving forward and Ms. Alwin seconded.  All members voted in favor and the motion passed.

The Board then held the first readings of policies: AD- Educational Philosophy/ Mission (R)ADA- School Unit Goals and Objectives (R) ADAA- (R)ADC-R Tobacco Use and Possession Procedure (R) ADF- School Unit Commitment to Learning Results (R)  The board considered these the first readings.

Senior students from Mr. Patten’s class shared with the board their concerns regarding the grading system transition.  Ryan Poligni stepped in to the student representative seat as our student reps were out. There was concern regarding the work habits grades as well as the demonstration of proficiency on assignments and assessments. The Superintendent shared the philosophy behind the proficiency based grading system and that is being mandated by the state.  The students brought forth concerns regarding the disconnection of work habits and grades. With the typical grading system, as in the past, good effort helped students raise their grades.  There was a conversation regarding meeting the standards being more in line with college expectations and life expectations.  The students also shared some concerns regarding grading and the return of quizzes for studying purposes.  There was more conversation regarding the number of assignments that count towards the reported grade and there was good conversation about going forward and having more feedback from staff and students.

Superintendent Update:

The superintendent shared with the board that Pre-K state dollars have already been assigned to districts with 50% or larger free and reduced numbers.  We do not qualify.

The superintendent shared information regarding Title I funds and how they will be allocated and counted next year.

Extended learning opportunities are also within a non-competitive block grant and we do not at this point know if we will qualify.

Other business:

Mr. Price asked about the, “Back Pack” program initiated by the Mary Hurd Academy students and staff.  Here is a link to an article that was written recently.  Back- Pack

Mr. Mike Roberts entered the meeting and shared with the board an update on what’s going on at the middle school and he emphasized the work that is done in the Planning Room this year to support students.

Ms. Alwin asked about bringing back Coffee with the Board at some point.  We will discuss with the team and figure out what might be able to be worked out.

The Superintendent updated the board on the ongoing discussion regarding the school calendar for the upcoming year and the need for it to be in sync with all districts that send students to Sanford Regional Technical Center.

Ms. Wheeler asked about a document that shared where students are going after high school.

Ms. Wheeler asked also about a follow up workshop on substance abuse issues.

Mr. Price made a motion and it was seconded by Ms. Potter to adjourn.  All members voted in favor and the motion passed.

Adjourned at 9:13 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Steve Connolly

Secretary of the Board of Directors