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Google augmented reality visits the Hussey School

Google AR image

On Thursday, April 5th, the Google Expeditions Pioneer program visited the 2nd & 3rd Grade at VEH.  The Pioneer program is a Beta project, designed to bring augmented reality into the classroom.  The tools provided by Google allowed students to use a cell phone and a selfie stick along with a special application to look through the phone and see a real dinosaur, insect, or volcano on their desk. Students could walk all around, under and over the object.  The teacher’s device allowed them to control the student view and provided specific information about each object. The teachers pre-selected AR Expeditions that were related to topics they were studying in their classrooms. Students and teachers were highly engaged in the experience.  

Special thanks to Hussey School Computer Teacher, Brenda Benner, for pursuing this opportunity for her students!  Only a select few schools were chosen across the country!


Here is a link to all the photos from the day and a short video.