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Agenda October 18, 2018



October 18, 2018

Noble High School

Paul Johnson Library

North Berwick, Maine

Meeting Start Time 7:00pm  End Time 8:30pm


Call to Order


  1. Flag Salute
  2. Public Input Statement-Vice Chair
  3. Public Input
  1. Minutes of October 4, 2018   
  2. Student Report  
  3. Second Reading

                 EBAA(r) Chemical Hazards

                JK(r) Student Discipline

               JFCK(nr) Student Use of Cellular Telephones and other Electronic Devices

              JFCK-R(nr) Student use of Cellular Telephones and Other Electronic Devices School Rules

  1. First Reading

              JFAA(nr) Admission of Resident Students

             JLC(nr) Student Health Service

              JLCCB(nr) Life-Threatening Allergies

              JLCCB-R(nr)  Administrative Procedure Life- Threatening Allergies

   8.  Financial Summary Update

  1. Tri-Town Select Board Meeting Update
  2. Facilities and Subcommittee Update   a. 2019-20 Draft Budget Timeline b. Facilities Update
  1.  Board Discussion Text; How Not to be a Terrible School Board Member- Habit #6 Solicit Complaints from Teachers and Staff
  2. Employment: New Hires, Retirement and Resignation                             
  3. Safety Discussions
  4. Other
  5. Public Input  Continued                          
  6. Adjournment


Vision Statement

 Inspired Learners – Empowered Citizens

Mission Statement

We empower all students to develop enthusiasm for learning, foster confidence through successes and failures, provide service to others, and achieve their personal, social, and academic best, leading to fulfilling and engaged lives for all.