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Update your student’s Transportation Information Here


**NEWS** Infofinder Information is now up to date as of 8/20.  Please login below to find your bus routing information.


Please Check out the latest information and statistics about School Transportation from the America School Bus Council.


Welcome to the Infofinder iPortal

This online program connects parents/guardians with information about their child’s specific bus route information.

No names or personal information are transmitted.

To Begin:
Step 1: Click here to Launch the iPortal

Select Open Link in new tab.
It will bring you directly to the MSAD #60 Infofinder i portal.

Step 2: Type in your address including the street #, ie. 180 Beech Ridge Road and zip code, ie. 03906 (North Berwick)
Step #2 Note: Some streets, roads, etc may have to be entered with abbreviations for Street (St) or Road (Rd).

Step 3: Select “any/all” for school and for grade or select a specific school and grade to narrow your search

Step 4: Click “Search”

Troubleshooting: If the website link does not work, try another web browser: Firefox, Google Chrome or Edge.

There is also a menu tab (Register for Notifications) for you to submit
an email address to receive transportation notifications.

We encourage parents and guardians to visit this website and test the accuracy of the information that appears.
Check Route Information: Driver Info, Route #, Pickup and Drop Off Times, Early Release & Delay Runs
If you encounter any problems or find the information incorrect or not available please feel free to contact the Transportation Department

We Welcome Feedback! Your comments and suggestions help us serve our district community better.




Director of Transportation
Brenda Cravens – Brenda.Cravens@msad60.org

Transportation Clerk
Gwen Mason – Gwen.Mason@msad60.org

Vehicle Maintenance Supervision
Tim Dube – Tim.Dube@msad60.org