Life cycle of a ticket

The  Technology Department is pleased to Announce a new Technology Helpdesk.  Our new deployment of chromebooks, macbooks, wireless networks, and iPads has resulted in an internal shifting of roles and responsibilities in the technology department.  Our goal is to increase efficiency and the quality of communication with staff.  The HelpDesk will allow your requests to automatically be assigned to the proper person in the Technology Department.  The HelpDesk will be your single, first point of contact for ALL requests for service, troubleshooting, purchases, maintenance, troubleshooting, training, and installation.
You can also access the help desk by bookmarking:

How does this system work? 

Creating a Ticket:

Creating a ticket with the helpdesk is the first step to getting the support you need in a timely manner.  Tickets are created in one of two ways:

      1. Ticket is created in this user portal     or
      2. Ticket is created by sending an email to “”

Upon submission, the Ticket Creator will receive a confirmation email with a ticket number.

Assigning a Ticket:  

Your helpdesk ticket will be assigned to the proper Technology Department Staff based on the information provided.  A confirmation email will be sent to the Ticket Creator when the ticket is assigned.

Ticket Comments:

Technology Department Staff may comment on your ticket in order to gather more information to help solve the problem.  An email will be sent to the Ticket Creator when Helpdesk staff makes a comment.  Users can use the reply feature within  Gmail to comment back to Helpdesk staff.  Users can also access the Portal to view comments and make additional comments.  Please look carefully at these emails,  as we may be looking for additional information from you. 

Escalating a Ticket:

Technology Department Staff may escalate your ticket to another member of the tech department for additional support.  The Ticket Creator will receive an email notification that the ticket has been re-assigned.

Closing a Ticket: 

When the problem is solved, Helpdesk staff will close the ticket.  The Ticket Creator will receive an email notifying them that the ticket has been closed.  If the user experiences this issue again, they can “re-open” the ticket, by accessing the portal, and viewing “resolved tickets”  You can also re-open a ticket by simply replying to the “closed Ticket” email.