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6-12 Chromebook Pickup

In order for a student to pick up their Chromebook for the 2017-18 school year, the following conditions must be met: All outstanding debts must be paid, including previous bills for laptop damage, outstanding library books, uniforms, etc. Most fees have been moved to Parents & Students must fill out and submit the Chromebook Permission …

Video Tutorials

Digital Citizenship

MSAD #60 has adopted the Common Sense Media Digital Citizenship curriculum.

Digital Citizenship is integrated into K through 5 computer classes in each town.  In grades 6-12, digital citizenship is addressed through integrated units in all subject areas.

To look at specific lessons or find out more about CSM, click here.

From Common Sense Media:

“Our Mission

Common Sense Media is dedicated to improving the lives of kids and families by providing the trustworthy information, education, and independent voice they need to thrive in a world of media and technology.

We exist because our nation’s children spend more time with media and digital activities than they do with their families or in school, which profoundly impacts their social, emotional, and physical development . As a non-partisan, not-for-profit organization, we provide trustworthy information and tools, as well as an independent forum, so that families can have a choice and a voice about the media they consume.

Our 10 Beliefs

  1. We believe in media sanity, not censorship.
  2. We believe that media has truly become “the other parent” in our kids’ lives, powerfully affecting their mental, physical, and social development.
  3. We believe in teaching our kids to be savvy, respectful and responsible media interpreters, creators, and communicators.  We can’t cover their eyes but we can teach them to see.
  4. We believe parents should have a choice and a voice about the media our kids consume and create. Every family is different but all need information.
  5. We believe that the price for free and open media is a bit of extra homework for families. Parents need to know about the media their kids use and need to teach responsible, ethical behavior as well as manage overall media use.
  6. We believe that through informed decision making, we can improve the media landscape one decision at a time.
  7. We believe appropriate regulations about right time, right place, and right manner exist. They need to be upheld by our elected and appointed leaders.
  8. We believe in age-appropriate media and that the media industry needs to act responsibly as it creates and markets content for each audience.
  9. We believe ratings systems should be independent and transparent for all media.
  10. We believe in diversity of programming and media ownership.”