100 Noble Way, North Berwick, ME 03906
(207) 676-2843 FAX:(207)-676-2842 info-nhs@msad60.org

School Profile

Noble High School is a four year public high school (with grade 8 housed in the same building)
serving the towns of Berwick, North Berwick, and Lebanon in southern Maine.
Major employers include Pratt & Whitney, Hussey Manufacturing Company, and
Portsmouth Naval Shipyard. Noble is accredited by the New England Association of
School and Colleges and by the Maine Department of Education and Cultural
Services. Noble High School is a member of the Coalition of Essential Schools and
the New England League of Innovative Schools.

Noble High School has a broad range of course offerings in the core content areas
as well as a wide variety of elective courses. Courses are available in English,
math, science, social studies, French, Spanish, Chinese, visual arts, performing
arts, computer science, engineering, business, applied technology, health, physical
education, and career and technical education. The EXCEL Arts Program offers pull
out classes taught by professionals in the fields of art, writing, theater, dance, and
music. There are a variety of opportunities available for students to take early
college classes at nearby universities and community colleges. Students can also
earn credit or community service hours by serving as teaching assistants.

Underclassmen are required to enroll in six courses and seniors must enroll in five.
Classes meet every other day for 80-minute blocks. All classes at Noble High
School are heterogeneously grouped and honors options are available in all
academic courses. Students earn 1/2 credit per course per semester. To graduate,
students must earn 24-1/2 credits, including the following required courses:
English – 5 credits, math – 5 credits, science – 4 credits, social studies – 3 credits,
fine arts – 1 credit, physical education – 1 credit, and health – 1 credit. Students
must also demonstrate computer proficiency and serve 60 hours of community

Students in all grades build portfolios connecting their work to the Common Core
State Standards. They also prepare for a comprehensive final exhibition involving
research, writing and an oral presentation before a panel of students and adults.


AP Language and Composition – 35
AP Computer Science – 5
AP Literature and Composition – 33
AP U.S. History – 27
AP Calculus – 8
AP U.S. Government – 15
AP Statistics – 30
AP World History – 19
AP Chemistry- 11
AP European History – 1
AP Physics – 14
AP Latin – 2
AP Spanish– 1
AP Calculus BC – 2

5 – 8% 4 – 12% 3 – 39% 2 – 34 % 1 – 7%


Class rank is computed at the end of grades 9, 10 and 11 and at the end of the first semester in grade 12. Class rank is recorded on student transcripts. Advanced Placement and early college classes are weighted with each course receiving an additional .5 quality points when grade point averages are computed.


A+ = 4.33  99-100
A =   4.00   96-98
A- = 3.67    93-95
B+= 3.33    91-92
B=    3.00   88-90
B- =  2.67   85-87
C+ = 2.33   83-84
C =    2.0   79-82
C- =  1.67   75-78
NM = 0.00 0-74

* In the fall of 2014, Noble High School adopted a standards based curriculum and grading system. This change will provide a clearer picture about students’ skills, knowledge, and work habits. All academic subject areas in Maine’s public schools have standards. Standards define what a student should know and be able to do at each grade level. A complete list of Noble High School’s Graduation Standards is in the Noble High School Program of Studies, which can be found on the NHS Guidance Department webpage. Here is a summary of the changes to our grading system starting in 2014-2015 for all students: Students will receive two grades in each class:(1) a grade based upon the cumulative average of each academic Graduation Standard; and (2) a grade for Work Habits.

2014-15 SCHOOL POPULATION Grades 8-12

Student Enrollment – 1088
Faculty – 89
Senior Class – 218


Reading – 456
Writing – 436
Math – 482
Note – All students are required to take the SAT in May of their Junior year as part of the Maine State Assessment.