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Donations for the Noble Outing Club

Noble Outing Club

Noble Outing Club Gear Drive

The Hiking/Outing Club is looking for donations of gently used apparel, equipment and any other gear or supplies to help outfit our students for both winter and spring hiking and camping.

Requested items:

  • ●  Snow Shoes
  • ●  Micro spikes
  • ●  NNN cross country ski boots- all sizes
  • ●  SNS cross country ski boots- all sizes
  • ●  Three pin boots- all sizes
  • ●  Hiking boots- all sizes
  • ●  Hiking poles
  • ●  Head lamps
  • ●  Leg gators
  • ●  Light down jackets- all sizes
  • ●  Windbreakers- all sizes
  • ●  Outer shell wind pants- all sizes
  • ●  Wool socks- all sizes
  • ●  Fleece anything (Tops, pants, etc.)

    The list provided is a suggested list of items we are looking for. If you have some gear or supplies that you would like to donate, but do not see it on the list please feel free to contact Elizabeth Laine or Sarah Stowell at Noble High School. We will most likely gladly take it!

    elizabeth.laine@msad60.org sarah.stowell@msad60.org

    Thank you for your support!

    Best wishes, Sarah & Elizabeth