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Student Chromebooks- Parent Action Required

We are hoping that Student Chromebooks will be available for pickup prior to the start of school.  We are anxiously awaiting their arrival!

In order for an 8th-12th Grade student to pick up their device, the following conditions must be met:

  1. All outstanding debts must be paid, including previous bills for laptop damage, outstanding library books, uniforms, etc. Most fees have been moved to Myschoolbucks.com
  2. Parents & Students must fill out and submit the Chromebook Permission Form
  3. Parents & Students should review the MSAD 60 Acceptable Use Policy
  4. Login to your Myschoolbucks.com account and “Purchase” the Chromebook user fee.If you do not have a myschoolbucks.com account, you may login and create one at myschoolbucks.com, with your information, and some basic information about your student(s).