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MSAD #60 Backpack Program Food Drive

The MSAD#60 backpack program helps food insecure children in our district with

healthy meals over long weekends, twice a month. The students at the Mary Hurd

Academy collect, sort, stuff, and deliver the backpacks to the schools.

We are asking for your assistance in making the program a success!

Help! Our supplies are running low!

Elementary Schools​:

Grades K -5:​granola bars and crackers

Noble Middle Schools:

Grade 6/7: ​pasta /rice

Noble High School:

Grade 8-12:​Soup/canned vegetables

Please send these items to school with your child or leave them in the large collection boxes in the

school’s lobby! Feel free to donate what you would like. This is broken down by grade to spread out the

foods needed to fill the backpacks. Thank you for your continued support!!

**No glass bottles, please. Pop-tops are helpful**