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Community Forum – Your Life is in your Hands

We have been facing some very difficult issues with drug use in the past several years in our local community.  It’s not a new issue, but it is a changing issue. The most recent direction of the drug scene is heroin and other opiates.  We have had several drug overdoses by young people in our community and the effects are far reaching. We have lost too many young lives to drug use and abuse.  We feel that we must have a call to action for our MSAD 60 community, which includes not only the schools but the townfolk as well.

On Tuesday, March 24th, we will be having a community forum regarding this great need.  We will share statistics, research and anecdotes of what’s happening in the state, county and right here in our three towns. It begins at 6 pm and runs til 8 pm.  Snacks will be provided…
We ask that you spread the word… come and listen… bring a friend… think about ways to reach out and make a difference in the lives of our loneliest.  The research is clear that what keeps people safe and away from negative activities like drug use is a clear connection to their community, feelings that they contribute to society and that they make a difference in someone’s lives. Let’s think about what we can do to help support those in our community who are disenfranchised.
Agenda for the evening:
6:00 Welcome  and Introduction of the presenters.
6:10  Alan Burpee will introduce his two staff members from Maine Behavioral Health… Thor and Kristen. They will discuss some of the brain development aspects in regard to drug use with a special emphasis on the opiates that we are seeing so much of lately… as well as the issues of addiction. We are looking to educate and then call to action! 
6:40  Pete Mador and Randy Medeiras of the Maine Drug Enforcement Agency will give a broader spectrum of what is happening with drugs and heroin in particular in the county and state.  They have a presentation and will take questions. 
7:20 North Berwick and Berwick PD will share local statistics and stories.  We want to let people in on the facts that are so close to home and how it’s impacting the police departments and local emergency agencies. 
7:40 Sally Manninen of the Choose to be Healthy Coalition (and potentially Erin Dickson, our MSAD 60 District health coordinator) will share information from Noble High School’s Maine Integrated Youth Health Survey and the protective factors that exist in the Noble Community to either enable substance abuse or to promote the capacity to address substance abuse.  An interesting conversation.  This hopefully leads the night into a call for action…
Noble High School Library
March 24, 2015