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A regular meeting of the Board of Directors was held at MSAD 60 Central Office in North
Berwick, Maine on September 4, 2014 at 7:00 pm with all members present. The student
representative was present and the press was absent. There were 4 in the audience.
Seating of the new board member, Ryan McCabe of Berwick. Mr. Connolly swore him in.
Ms. Potter made the motion and it was seconded to accept the minutes of August 21 as
amended. All members voted in favor except Ms. Alwin and Mr. McCabe who abstained and
the motion passed.
Public Input
Ms. Rebecca Rowe of Berwick asked for clarification regarding the allergy policy within the
district and specifically within the Hussey School. She was asking for specifics so that she
was providing appropriate snacks to her children so as not to put any other student in
danger. Mr. Connolly gave an overview to the audience of the policy. He also clarified that
he would be talking with principals regarding ensuring that classroom letters go out to help
parents understand the needs within those individual classrooms.
First readings of code BAA Board Self Evaluation. Board will review the self-evaluation
individually via email and then converse about it with recommendations.
BCB Board Members conflict of interest. We discussed adding verbiage around a cooling
off period at the policy sub committee level. This was considered a first reading. More
conversation will happen at the sub committee level to address any concerns of impropriety
regarding hiring of past board members.
The Board then discussed the Berwick Selectmen joint meeting that took place last Tuesday,
August 26th at the Berwick Town Hall. It was a positive meeting and lots of good questions
and dialogue occurred. The Superintendent shared and reviewed the powerpoint that he
provided to the Berwick Selectmen. We did also talk about the emergency generator and the
tipping fees for refuse and agreed to a solution of holding each other harmless for past fees.
The Superintendent then shared with the board positive news that we are having a reduction
in our delivery service of approx. $6000.
The Superintendent then shared with the board new hires for the upcoming school year. Ms.
Samantha Tanguay will be taking on a high school biology position. Mr. Matt Foley will be
taking on the 8th grade case management position at Noble High School. Ms. Karrisa Cyr
will be taking on the 8th grade case management position at Noble High School.
Ms. Olean made the motion and it was seconded by Mr. Cowan to approve the new teaching
hires that the superintendent put forward. All members voted in favor and the motion passed. Superintendent’s Report:
School numbers for opening day… 3023 students total. Transportation went very well
considering the new software system that was put into place. All buses were reporting as
empty today by 4:55 pm. It will only get better from here.
There was a lengthy discussion regarding the Maine Charter Schools and how the students
who are enrolling there are not able to access the regular classes within the school day but
will be able to access extracurricular activities.
Ms. Felicia Page, student representative, shared with the board an update of the opening of
schools at the high school. She shared with the board the positive changes that were being
made at the high school and the discussion regarding the new grading rubric. She shared the
revamping of homecoming and the very positive start for the 8th graders and 9th graders.
The Assistant Superintendent shared with the board an update from the district data
team. The team will represent the schools at the district level to gather and analyze
consistent information so that we can make good comparisons school to school and grade
level to grade level. Keeping the district goal of 85% proficiency in reading in mind, we will
have discussions about what particular data we want to focus on and discuss appropriate
ways to collect data for analysis. The staff who are participating will be able to gather
appropriate data, support teachers in that gathering and then be able to articulate back to staff
the results of the data collection… and lead discussions in their buildings to communicate
these results.
Other business:
Mr. McCabe shared with the board that there was an accident in front of the Knowlton
School between a car and a motorcycle. He shared that the response from Ms. Audra
Beauvais and Ms. Wendy Ryan were impressive and positive. He wanted to be sure to note
that he saw very good reaction time.
Mr. Cowan shared The Blueberry Story with the board. Blueberry
Ms. Rose asked about the no charging policy at the 7-12 grades for the food nutrition
program. The Superintendent explained the process and reasons behind it.
Ms. Olean shared with the board that one of the Lebanon kindergarten teachers, Pam Brezak
and the counselor, Stephanie Bean, went to the homes of all of the kindergarten students in
her class. Very positively received!
Still working on finding a replacement board member from Berwick. Put the word out!
Ms. Potter made the motion and it was seconded by Mr. Cowan to adjourn. All members
voted in favor and the motion passed.
Respectfully Submitted,
Steve Connolly