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A regular meeting of the Board of Directors was held at Noble High School in North

Berwick, Maine on December 4, 2014 at 7:00 pm with all members present except Ms.
Alwin. The student representatives were absent and the press was absent. There were 7 in
the audience.
Mr. Price made the motion and it was seconded by Mr. McCabe to accept the minutes of
Nov. 20th as amended. All members voted in favor and the motion passed.
Public Input:
Ms. Ann Stewart, of North Berwick, shared with the board that she is unhappy with the
common core curriculum and didn’t understand the lack of emphasis on homework and how
it goes toward work habits rather than toward support of the student’s grade. She explained a
concern with regard to mathematics and a rationale that she didn’t think supports their
learning. She feels that she is hearing and seeing more students struggling this year. The
superintendent shared with the board and the audience some clarification on proficiency based
requirements from the state level and the separation of that from the common core
conversation. He shared that he would share Ms. Stewart’s concerns with the principal and
she would be contacted to discuss her concerns further at the school level.
The Superintendent then shared with the board a proposal regarding a Pre-K program for the
coming school year here in MSAD 60. He shared a sheet with the rationale and the specific
information :
The Board then reviewed policy AB. The Superintendent asked to remove it from the policy
manual. Vapor products is going to be added to policy AC- Tobacco Use and Possession.
Ms. Olean made the motion to remove policy AB and Mr. Price seconded it. All members
voted in favor and the motion passed.
Mr. McCabe made the motion and Mr. Cowan seconded the approval of policies AC, ACCA,
ACCA-R, ACAB, ACAB-R and ACAD. All members voted in favor and the motion passed.
Superintendent Update:
The superintendent shared with the board that MSAD 60 has recently started a, “Backpack
Program” to help food insecure children within our district. Did you know that 1 out of 4
students in Maine are food insecure (meaning that they lack access to enough food to ensure
adequate nutrition)? Many children within our district receive free/reduced meals to feed
them during the school week. But some children will not eat their next nutritionally sound
meal until they return to school on Monday.
The newly created MSAD 60 Backpack Program will allow us to send children home with a
backpack full of nutritious and easy-to-prepare foods. At this time, the goal of the program is
to provide a bag of food once a month to students in need. As of today, there have been roughly 100 students identified that are in need of this program throughout the district. Weare currently seeking food donations to help support this program.
Please note that food items that are kid friendly (ie: easy-open tops, plastic jars, instant
mixed) and low in sugar are requested. If people feel led to make a donation to the program,
the following items are highly requested: box of pasta, can of spaghetti sauce, jar of peanut
butter, crackers, canned meat (tuna and chicken), canned vegetables, box of granola bars,
fruit cups, fruit leather, dried fruit, applesauce cups, box of pancake mix, small jug of maple

The Superintendent updated the board on what occurred at the Nov. 24 and 25 teacher
workshop days.
Other business:
Mr. Cowan shared his desire to encourage staff to come in and have open and frank
discussions regarding any of their legitimate concerns regarding the common core, standards
based assessments and the testing that we need to be thinking about. He also expressed a
desire to talk with students regarding the rubrics that are being utilized. The students who
were present also shared their concerns regarding the communication between staff and
students through this transition.
The Superintendent suggested scheduling a workshop on a non-meeting Thursday to discuss
the issues above. The board agreed that this would be a good idea.
Ms. Olean shared with the board her concern regarding the change in the allowance of
instruments on the bus. We will follow up with the transportation department.
Ms. Wheeler shared her concerns regarding the use of heroin and other drugs at the local
community level and how it’s impacting our schools. She’d like to set up a community
Mr. McCabe made the motion and it was seconded by Ms. Potter to adjourn. All members
voted in favor and the motion passed.
Adjourned at 9:18pm.
Respectfully Submitted,
Steve Connolly
Secretary of the Board of Directors