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Math Olympiads

Thirty one students from Noble Middle School were among the 120,000 students worldwide to participate in this year’s Math Olympiad program. They participated in a series of monthly contests of five problems each, with weekly practice sessions under the supervision and coaching of MSAD 60 Excel program teacher, Emily MacKinnon. She helped students to solve unusual and difficult problems through creative thinking in math. Mrs. MacKinnon has been teaching at the Berwick school for 16 years.

Most of the students that participate in Math Olympiad contests are among the best mathematics students at their schools, therefore, to earn an individual award, a student ranks among the best of the best internationally. Twenty one Noble  Middle School students earned national awards for excellence.


*The gold pin is awarded to those in at least the 98th percentile (top 2%). At NMS, Rain Bugado, with a score of 22 of 25 points was in this extraordinary group.

*The silver pin is awarded to those in the 90th-97th percentiles, including the following students: Ethan Bent, Lucas Bent, Anthony Prak, Ian Tasker, Jamie George, and Wallace Morton.

* The embroidered felt patch is awarded to the top 50% of all participants, including the following students: John Kodzis, Liam Sullivan, Luke Safford, Colin Kitchen, Breenah Williams, Emma Badger, Stuart Powers, Lily Smith, Isaac Hayes, Cormac Mallett, Nicholas Sirois, Celia Momonee, Melissa Pass, and Noah Spinney-Hernandez.