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Letter From Superintendent Connolly

Dear Students, Parents, and Staffs of Knowlton and Hussey Schools,

I wish to thank the Knowlton and Hussey students and staffs for their positive attitude and their capacity to roll with the events of the week.  Starting with the power outage on Monday, and then today’s loss of heat and transfer to Hussey, you all were gracious and kept moving forward.
Thank you to the Hussey staff and students for their flexibility today.  Mrs. Beauvais and Mrs. Lovejoy reported that several teachers thought the afternoon was a good thing for kids and should be repeated.  Sounds great, but can we keep the boilers out of it?
Thank you to the Knowlton custodial and kitchen staffs.  You did a great job preparing a couple hundred cold lunches on the fly this past Monday, and working to find the boiler problem and get the right companies there on a tough Maine winter day.  Special Kudos to Ms. Moore who oversaw the problems and found solutions for the day.
School and Central Office secretarial staffs did a great job providing accurate, helpful information to the myriad of phone callers.  Thank you all.
I had the chance to speak with several parents at Hussey this afternoon at pick up time.  Everyone was in good spirits and nonplussed by the changes.  Thank you as well.
Transportation did a great job all day.  Most of the fleet started this morning, but there were a few buses that had trouble starting and had to be cycled numerous times.  Driver response time to Knowlton at 1:30 today, and coordination between Transportation and the schools was spot on.  Nice job all.
Mrs. Beauvais and Mrs. Lovejoy, kudos to you both, as you maintained a smooth course throughout.  It has been a challenging week so far, but you showed poise and grace no matter what.
As for the Knowlton boilers, one is back up as it is running on a portable fuel line and tank.  Ms. Moore is overseeing the effort to get the second boiler back up and to keep the smaller tank full for the next 24 hours.  We expect to have school as usual – or should I say unusual – tomorrow.  If there are any changes, I’ll let you know ASAP.
Stay warm.  Have a good night.