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Facilities and Finance Subcommittee Agenda December 13, 2017

Facilities and Finance Subcommittee Meeting

December 13, 2017

Lebanon Elementary School 

Lebanon, Maine

Meeting Time 5pm-7pm

The Subcommittee meetings are open to the public, as the Board conducts its business in a public forum.  The public may observe meetings, but public input sessions are limited to full Board meetings on the first and third Thursdays of most months.  Subcommittee members: Stan Cowen (North Berwick), Travis Doiron (Berwick), Joanne Potter (Lebanon), Audra Beauvais (Hussey Elementary), Tyler Winsor (NHS), Kevin Moore (Facilities), Ron Delisle (Facilities), Denise Van Campen (CO), Sue Austin (CO), and Steve Connolly (CO)


Facilities and Finance Subcommittee Agenda 12.13.17