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Agenda for October 27, 2016



October 27, 2016

Noble High School

Paul Johnson Library

North Berwick, Maine

Meeting Start Time 7:00pm  Meeting End Time 8:30pm


Board Goals
1. Communication – The Board of Directors will strengthen communication with the MSAD #60 community.

2. Program Efficacy – The Board of Directors will be informed about the results of new programs and curriculum that have been adopted and new assessments that have been implemented. The Board will determine the potential for continuing support for those curriculums, programs, and assessments.

3. Budget: The Board of Directors will sponsor a district budget that supports and maintains vital programs and services.

4. Board Member Support System – The Board of Directors will promote a system to develop new Board members and support Board member roles.


Call to Order

  1. Flag Salute
  2. Public Input
  3. Minutes of October 13, 2016
  4. Student Report   
  5.  Budget; Budget Monthly Report and Budget Subcommittee Update
  6. Board of Director Required Training
  7. Policies for First Reading 15 minutes

            IHD (nr)- Adult/Community Education

            IJJ(r)- Instructional and Library Materials Selection

            IJJ-E(r)- Citizen’s Challenge of Educational Media Form

            JFC(r) – Dropout Prevention Student Withdrawal from School

             JICH (r) – Student Substance Abuse

            JICH-R (nr) Student Substance Abuse Administrative Procedure

  1. Policies for Second Reading

            GCQC (nr) –Resignation of Staff

              IHBAD (nr)-Personnel Development

              IHBAE (nr) –Parent Involvement

              HBAL (r)- Grievance Procedure for Persons with Disabilities

              IHBG (r) Homeschooling  

               IKF (r)- Graduation Requirement

  1. GCFB-R (r) – Recruiting and Hiring of Administrative Staff Procedure   
  2. Other
  3. Norm Checker Report Out
  4. Adjournment



MSAD #60 Mission Statement

“Our mission is to foster a lifelong love of learning, develop responsible decision-makers, teach the essential skills necessary to meet the demands of a changing world, and develop  a multicultural world.