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Berwick Water Information

Dear Hussey families and staff,

The Berwick Water District is in the last stages of flushing the drinking water system and remediating the manganese concentration.  Information shared with us is that the intake pipe for the system was drawing water near the bottom of the river, as most systems do.  With the drought and warm temperatures, the concentration was much higher at the bottom.  Working with engineers and Maine Drinking Water Program officials, samples from different depths of the river were taken, and the intake has been modified to draw water near the surface where the manganese concentration is within normal concentrations. The town has been testing every day since modifying the intake pipe, which was last Friday.

Berwick Water District has been flushing the system and believes water tests should consistently pass appropriate levels soon.  Once the tests from strategic points throughout the system are consistent, they will send out notifications to all users.


Thank you,

Steve Connolly